Eric's Super Awesome Classic 3.5 D&D World (Name yet to be determined)

Adventure Log Welcome Page
Congratulations Graduates!

“Congratulations, graduates of Class 126 of the Port Rage Branch of the Order of the Sacred Fist. You came to us as initiates and now you are here today trained, knowledgeable, and ready to do your duty for the empire. Enjoy today’s festivities, and get plenty of rest over the next couple days because next week will be the official start of your careers as members of the Order of the Sacred Fist.”

The Graduating Class let out shouts and cheers as Branch Commander Donovan walked off the stage. Port Rage was alive with activity for today’s ceremonies. The fair was just about to get into full swing and delicious food, drinks, and sweets, were all within arms reach, once the class could break away from the graduation ceremony.

(More to Come)


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