Zanon the Dark Wanderer

Zanon wanders the land searching for an artifact to save his beloved.


Age: ? Class: Shadow Knight Lvl: ?


Zanon is the wielder of the infamous dark sword Eclisis, known to feed on the souls of its victims. He also wears full plate armor blessed by the Goddess Ehlonna.


In an age long past Zanon was a knight in love with a beautiful young maiden of the woods, whom happened to be a mortal offspring of the Goddess Ehlonna. Zanon’s professional career had peeked as a commander in the royal army and had asked the young maiden, Freya, to marry him. On that most joyous day Zanon waited at the alter for his bride but she did not come. Worried, Zanon went back to the room where his lovely bride would have been getting ready to find the room thrashed and his wife to be severely beaten and raped to death. Overwhelmed with grief and rage Zanon went on a rampage slaughtering everyone who had the misfortune of being within Zanon’s view. The others escaped and Zanon locked himself away within his keep, not to be seen or heard from for years to come.

Zanon made a pact with the Goddess Wee Jas that if he find a certain artifact and give it to her, she would return Freya to life so that her and Zanon could finally be together forever. Today Zanon still wanders the countryside looking for that artifact centuries later, mad, and overwhelmed with hateful emotions, his story is one told by mothers to scare their children into behaving. Everyone knows that if you even think that you see him to run in the opposite direction.

Zanon the Dark Wanderer

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